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Learn how YOU can
help build the largest skeptic and atheist
community center in the world.

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Help turn Penn Jillette’s old home into


The largest skeptic and atheist community
center in the world


Headquarters and Community Center


Penn is the louder half of Penn & Teller, the magic act and longest running show in Las Vegas history. For twenty years he’s used his famous home in Las Vegas to host private events with celebrities like Bob Dylan and Richard Dawkins. It’s been an oasis of reason and science in the desert.

Now that he’s moved to a new family-friendly home in the suburbs, developers want to knock down his old place for cookie cutter houses.

No said a group of friends! Let’s buy the place and let the United Church of Bacon manage it and do something good for atheists and skeptics. For that, we’re raising money, and we only have until the end of the year to do it.

You now have the chance to do something amazing. You can help start the world’s largest skeptic and atheist community center and the United Church of Bacon’s headquarters in Penn Jillette’s former home!

a place for those

A Place For Those Who Don’t Believe

We’ll need to:

  • Purchase a stage, a sound system, and seating for performances and weddings
  • Cover operational costs, including utilities, cleaning, and insurance
  • Build parking areas, a new roof for the A-frame and make upgrades to the house
  • Promote events, which will be critical to raising awareness, with photography and videography, through the website, social media, and directly to the press
  • Fund live webcasting of targeted events to engage with the wider world
  • Hire staff to manage the property, nurture donor relationships, partner with community groups, and organize event


What will you do with the money if you cannot raise enough?

If we don’t meet our goal to raise enough funds to keep the Slammer,
the United Church of Bacon plans to buy a less expensive property
or donate the money to one or a few of our selected charities.


Watch a video of Penn Jillette discussing
the largest skeptic and atheist
community center in the world HERE.



Donate to our Indiegogo campaign!
The More you donate, the better the

Get a phone call from GOD


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A VIP Wedding or Big Celebration


our need is urgent

Our Need is Urgent

We only have 2015 to plan and raise funds
for the community center. That’s why we
need your urgent help, and your
participation too. The best way for us
to know how to serve you is to invite
you to take part!

Please donate to the United Church of Bacon’s
Indiegogo Fundraiser to help build the
largest skeptic and atheist community center in the world!

Give to the Indiegogo HERE.

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