• Praise Bacon

Bacon Devotionals

Written by Becky Garrison


The Lard’s Prayer

Our Bacon, which art been cured,

Sizzle be thy flame.

Thy pig undone.

Thy slice be done in pan,

As it is in broiler.

Give us this day our daily pork.

Forgive us for not embracing your brine,

As we forgive those who curse carbonara.

And lead to try turkey bacon,

And maybe some veggie too.

For thine is the crispy,

The crunch, and the grease,

For ever and ever.

Praise Bacon!!


 The Bacon Blessing

V. Our help is in the flame of the Lard.

R. Who has made all foods extra tasty.

V. The Lard be with you.

R. And with thy grease.

V. Let us pray. Bless, O Lard, this Bacon which we have cooked, that it may be an effective remedy to spice up our senses. Grant by the invocation of your holy flame that all who partake of the strip may obtain health of body and sizzle of soul, through Juicy Crisp our Lard.

R. Praise Bacon! (Then bacon is sprinkled with holy grease.)


(Prayer adapted from http://www.catholicgentleman.net/2014/10/catholic-blessing-bacon/