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Wednesday and Friday, April 15 and 17, in Las Vegas leaders of the largest
secular groups in America gathered to protest Wells Fargo bank. The
first protest
drew 72 people to build awareness for the forthcoming
and evenbigger protest Friday April 17, at the Wells Fargo branch at
1121 South Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, Nevada.
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Leaders from 7 national secular groups assembled with more than
100 others to protest discrimination at Wells Fargo against atheists.
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Founder of United Church of Bacon, John Whiteside explains what
happened with a Wells Fargo Customer Service Manager refused to
notarize a document and violated Nevada state antidiscrimination law.
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On February 22, 2014, a horrific event occurred. Eric Broze suddenly
passed from a heart attack. He was my husband of six years
(significant other of ten) and my best friend. He will live in our minds
forever. So many people were touched by his kindness and energy.

Prophet John replies to a Pastor from Calvary Chapel in
Las Vegas regarding illegal parking and safety issues.

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