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Newsletter – New Billboard, Tennessee Marriage, Online Shop

Greetings to the 25,000 UCB Friars and Congregation.  We have been very busy behind the scenes bringing Bacon to the masses.  Read on to see what we’ve been up to and how you can help out.

Our Newest Billboard

Our latest billboard is facing the Las Vegas strip.  We were tired of looking at the billboards claiming “Lust Destroys Jesus Saves” so we made our own.  We’re pretty proud of it!  If you like it, we’d appreciate if you would share it on social media including Reddit, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.  With this billboard, we’re hoping to generate conversation about the message that’s being sent by these religious billboards that are popping up around the country.
Tennessee is trying to stop non-traditional marriages
If you follow us on social media, you might have seen the article we posted regarding outlawing online ordination of clergy.  This has the potential to curtail same-sex marriages or any non-traditional marriage ceremony that isn’t performed in a church or officiant-approved environment.  As an online church, we are a little different.
United Church of Bacon is different how?
We are proud to provide online ordination for Church of Bacon Clergy who wish to perform marriage ceremonies for their friends and family members.  We have never asked for money in exchange for this service and we require our “Friars” not accept money for their services either.  Instead, we’ve always asked that in lieu of payment, donations be made to worthy charitable organizations.  We screen all applicants to make sure their intentions are serious and meaningful.  We decline approximately 10% of applicants and track approved applicants to make sure they are upholding the standards we’ve set forth.
Every time you’ve celebrated Bacon or discussed these topics with friends and acquaintances, you’ve helped to spread the message.  We want to continue this mission with your involvement.  We do not accept donations, tithing, or handouts and continue to be a tax-paying organization.  (We think all churches should pay taxes too.)
Our billboards are posted to raise awareness and make light of religious hypocrisy.  We would love to place more billboards around the country starting with Nashville where this biased law was passed.
To this day, the church has been funded privately by our founder, Bacon Prophet John.  In order to continue doing what we’re doing and MORE in the future, we’ve set up an online shop with Café Press.  United Church of Bacon will receive royalty payments from Café Press and our first payment goes towards a billboard in Tennessee.  (Stay tuned for a Tennessee billboard content contest…)
New Online Shop
Check out our Cafe Press shop!  We’ve created t-shirts and other gear that showcases our Praise Bacon graphic and also our Nevatican logo.

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Yours in the Lard,
Bacon Prophet Emery and Bacon Prophet Heather