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A Note from our Fearless Bacon Prophet

Greetings fellow Bacon God lovers, Due to some recent activity on social media concerning “raising money for charity” and the high prices on the Bacon shop, please let me address each issue separately.

Concerning the Bacon shop. I know the prices are high on Cafe Press, but we decided to go with them as they have shops in most of the countries that we have members, which keeps customs and shipping costs low. We opened the shop because members wanted Bacon swag. We wanted to see the first billboard purchased with royalties from the shop directed at Tennessee for discrimination against online clergy organizations. It must be noted we charge no fees to become clergy.. We get an average of $5 per shirt. In 2019 we made $250 on shop purchases, only half the price of a small billboard.

Concerning “raising money for charity” we match funding to 501c3 organizations that fight for the seperation of church and state. In the last 12 months we have had billboards up 8 out of 12 months. You can see that on our website. We have pledged $10,000 to match with a secular organization. We also gave a minimalist artist $2000 to rebuild his house burnt down in the Australian bush fires. When we ordain clergy, we inform them they are to take no money for their services, just ask the lucky couple to donate to charity (hopefully one of our recommended) We now have over 4000 clergy and I get notes all of the time of donations to charities or 501c3 organizations. We have raised or donated over one million dollars for charities. We were planning a “Bacon Revival” at Burningman but that is cancelled.

This is not cheap to do this! With only $250 in Bacon swag sales, it really makes no sense other than liability to continue our status as a Nevada Corporation.

I am open for thoughts on the shop, we could keep it up, lower prices so we make nothing. But then there is no community input for billboards. The idea was to spread out to other cities…..but I need help to do that, therefore the shop.

If you have any questions or suggestions please email me via the contact form on the site.

Yours in the LARD
Prophet John