• Praise Bacon

Love Bacon? Win a Bacon Mask!

Bacon loves us and is here for us in our time of need. We wanted to share some bacon love and help you stay safe during these strange times.

Giveaway is now over! We’ll be announcing the winners shortly.

Send us your name, email address, and 3 reasons you love the United Church of Bacon. We’ll pick 50 (that’s right… 50) answers that we like and mail each person a beautifully embroidered Praise Bacon mask!

We want to know how the church has helped you. Have you had a special wedding? Have you been inspired by our billboards? Did we do something for you in the name of the Lard? We want to know!

This is open to anyone whether or not they’ve taken the sacrament of pork, turkey, or vegetarian bacon. While we hope everyone joins our church, we really just want to spread our love of bacon (and dislike of special treatment of organized religions) with the world.

We’re looking for fun and creativity. Length is not as important but effort is.

Fill out the form below by October 31, 2020. We’ll begin notifying winners in the first week of November.

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Terms & Conditions

  • Entrants can submit multiple entries per email address however only 1 winner per email address will be chosen.
  • Winners will be contacted via the email provided in the contest entry. We will ask for a mailing address to send your prize. Winners will need to provide their address within 10 business days of our email in order to receive prize.
  • Winners do not need to be current members or clergy, however we do encourage everyone to join.
  • We reserve the right to use winner’s answers on our website, in social media, in our newsletter, or in any marketing materials we produce. However…
  • We will not sell, share or otherwise publicize your personal information. In the event that you are a winner, we will ask for your preference between sharing your name, sharing initials, sharing a pseudonym or remaining anonymous in our winners announcement.