• Praise Bacon

Support Nevada Public Radio in the Name of Bacon!

Join with the United Church of Bacon to support Nevada Public Radio

We, at the United Church of Bacon, are major supporters of smart, independent thought and news, both of which can be found on KNPR- Nevada Public Radio.

We are happy to announce that our members helped raise $7,000 for Nevada Public Radio during their last pledge drive.

The need for funding is always present and we would love for you to be a part of this community action. You can make a contribution directly to Nevada Public Radio through the button link below.

Feel free to leave a Bacon-oriented comment along with your donation so the world will know of our member’s generosity. Although, there is nothing wrong with keeping your love of Bacon to yourself. In either case, you will be doing something positive for the people of Nevada.

Remember, Bacon does not judge. Praise Bacon!


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