• Praise Bacon

We are thankful for all of you!

Ashe in her Praise Bacon mask!

Ashe in her mask!

This year has been rough. Like, unforgetably rough. But thanks to every one of you sharing in the Lard with us, we’ve gotten through it! We are thankful for you!

In October we held a giveaway where we asked people to send in 3 reason they loved the United Church of Bacon and we would pick 50 to send an embroidered mask. The responses we got were so heartwarming and cheerful. Alas, we couldn’t pick everyone. However we did pick about 60 and sent their masks out earlier this month.

Just check out what Steve Wing said about us and our loving deity:

COB has offered me comfort in times of tribulations. Just knowing that there are brothers and sisters of the slice, who share logical inclination, restores hope in humanity. COB is the only Sunday service that we hold privately each week in our home. Mostly in the mornings, however we sometimes enjoy fellowship in the afternoon or evening hours. COB requires no formal attire, no hymns to learn, no judgment, or bothersome travel during precious weekend time.
I could go on but there is three.
Praise the lard, and grease be with you.

Here are the winners in no particular order:

  • Grebo
  • Friar Dan Martin
  • Steve Wing
  • Lora, friend to Bacon
  • Bacon Friar Christopher Millard
  • Fryer Chris
  • Ashe Derrick
  • Shawn Hubbard
  • Raymond Marks
  • Mark
  • Jake Ayers
  • Okke Brand
  • Michael Papworth
  • Friar Dean
  • The Brouns Family
  • Kevin McLaughlin
  • Daniel Evans Jr
  • Friar Robin McGuire
  • Anthony G
  • Fryer Joel
  • Carol Weishaar
  • Steve Trudeau
  • Bob Waterman
  • James Flaherty
  • Wendell Amero-Thorlakson
  • Kevin Bacon
  • “Thank you James Randi”
  • Chris Britton
  • R John Skow Jr
  • Lisa, aka “Cupcake”
  • Ashley Aprahamian
  • Neil Newcombe
  • Timothy Caldwell
  • Sandro Furtado
  • John O’Brien
  • Clayton Broyles
  • Liz Bacon-DeGel
  • Friar Chris Hebert
  • Maud Rugeroni
  • Karen Blom de Bever
  • David Strube
  • Adrian Bleichmann
  • Mark Takoda
  • Al Swarthout
  • Kenneth Giggs
  • Johnny @BornToEatBacon
  • Douglas McShane
  • Alan Hogan
  • Laura Bacon
  • Saisan Bemrose
  • Friar Chris Banks
  • Christopher T
  • Aris Geiger
  • Ryan Riffie
  • Friar Brian La Rose
  • Friar Garrick Over
  • Lauren Henry
  • Charlie Roche
  • Barbara Nelsen

We will post more of our winners words over the coming months.