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We’re Writing about Your Ceremony

Bacon-Wedding-SWe want to write about you!

Have you performed a ceremony for the United Church of Bacon, or do you plan to?

First, we’re making a list of all donations made to other charities in the name of the United Church of Bacon. It’s important that we acknowledge the good that you are doing. So please contact us about that.

Second, if you have a quirky but sane personality, an interesting skeptic philosophy and personal life story, and you have a good story to tell about a ceremony you’ve performed or plan to, we’d like to write about you!

Third, whether you want us to write about you or not, with permission of the couple we’d love your wedding or other ceremony photos.

Please note, we’re only looking to hear from clergy who’ve actually performed ceremonies or plan to this year.

Please contact unitedchurchofbacon@gmail.com, and thank you!