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Why Prophet John Gave Money to a Religious Bigot, Roy Moore

Roy Moore, former chief justice of Alabama supreme courtI was raised in Alabama, from now on referred to as TAlibama. I hoped the problems and discrimination era of the 1960’s were wiped out. The civil rights era was an embarrassment to the state and discrimination was promoted by white churches citing the biblical principal that races should not be mixed. As the United Church of Bacon founder, I have a personal connection to the violence, being connected through family to Federal Judge Frank Johnson, whose mother’s house was bombed by an evangelical preacher, upset about his decisions involving equality for African Americans. Judge Johnson was the federal judge who ruled on the Rosa Parks case and the Selma march case, and forced TAlibama to integrate their schools.

I was excited when my younger brother’s best friend, Robert Vance Jr., decided to run against Roy Moore for the position of Chief Justice of the TAlibama Supreme Court. Judge Moore was fired from the position he is currently running for. He refused federal orders to take down the ten commandments from the Supreme Court. Robert Vance’s dad, Robert Vance Sr., was a standing Federal Judge who was assassinated along with an African-American civil rights activist. I have known and liked Bob Jr for over twenty five years and has enjoyed his company on visits to TAlibama. I and my younger brother had an excellent relationship until now. This is what makes the following paragraphs so difficult.

When Bob Vance announced he would run against the religious bigot Moore, I was excited for him in following his father’s footsteps by fighting for justice in TAlibama. Most churches in TAlibama are now openly promoting discrimination against gays, citing the bible again; the few biblical verses against homosexuality, but ignoring the many verses against adultery. Unmarried mothership is among the highest in the nation in TAlibama. My¬†brother’s national church was for gay rights, yet his preacher stated “we just are not ready for this in TAlibama”. This statement is nothing more than pandering for cash by not losing membership. My brother even saw thru that veil.

So I saw a bright star rising in Bob Vance Jr., a person who would follow in his father’s footsteps. Bob is a Christian, and his wife is Jewish. Even though I was a resident of Las Vegas, I sent Bob a check for $1,000, and was told there would be no problem with my donation, even though Bob knew of my beliefs. I told my brother I would help as much as I could on his campaign, and planned a nine day trip prior to the election to help personally. One month after I sent Bob $1,000, I asked my brother if he knew why my check was not cashed. Instead of him telling me, I had to ask, and my brother stated, “The campaign googled your name and it lit up like a Christmas tree,” and they were afraid the religious bigot Moore would use it against Vance. Our church is a religion for all religions, or no religion. Our church is dedicated to the constitutional principal of separation of church and state, and fights fundamentalists efforts to overtake our country.

I asked my brother to have Bob tear up the check, but my brother told me to call the campaign headquarters myself. I told the Vance campaign I knew he would not get a fair trial under Moore, as he publicly stated without belief in the bible you can have no morality. But now I feel unsure if “political pressure” would cause Bob Vance to slant the law against an atheist. I told them to tear up my check. After the campaign, they cashed it instead.

Fired Supreme Court Chief Justice Moore is a disgusting religious bigot. He states in his book that as a Vietnam company commander he had to sleep on top of sandbags to prevent “fragging” by his own troops. As a trained Marine infantry officer of the Vietnam era, I recognize this as a glaring example of a failed leader. He is the Frank Burns of the Korean War series MASH. He is the “Neidermeyer” of the Vietnam War in Animal House. His troops gave him the nick name “Captain America”. Moore doled out punishment in a combat zone for unshined shoes. I personally knew such a character when I flew fighters in Desert Storm. Moore has stated the ten commandments are the divinely revealed law. Really? Which set of the ten commandments? Because the final and only set that survived and written in stone are different than those he had in his courthouse. Written in stone the tenth commandment states ” do not boil a goat in it’s mother’s milk”. The courthouse version is ” thall shall not covet”(goes on to say not to covet a man’s property including wives) so coveting means the homeless living in a cardboard box should not wish to have a roof under his/her head like you and me. Not only is that in direct conflict with a capitalistic society, it is un-American and immoral.

So, I gave $1,000 to Roy Moore. As my friend and fellow Bacontarian Penn Jillette says, voting for the lesser of two evils could create more evil. I recommend that if future politicians do not take your donations because of your religious or philosophical beliefs, you donate to the opposition. Roy Moore had no problem taking my money. Probably because his campaign workers do not know how to use google. One of his biggest donors is Mike Peroulka, active in ” The League of the South” which promotes succession of the south from the United States. For the poor souls that are from the South that believe in the separation of church and state, I am pretty sure you could apply and receive religious amnesty in the United States of America.

When the Democrats needed a two thirds majority to change the platform with references to God, they did not have it. This action reflects an attitude that democracy has nothing to do with their platform, and they changed their platform anyway. I recommend Democrats and Republicans change their affiliation to any other party if a politician does not accept your donation because of your religious or philosophical views. You might also want to give to the opposition and even vote for the opposition. I will change my affiliation to independent as soon as I return to America.

I am currently spreading the gospel of www.praisebacon.com in Australia, Thailand, England, Amsterdam and the Ukraine. We are pleased to announce we are the fastest growing new religion in the world, and am looking forward to our 1000th member in the near future.
PRAISE BACON!!!! Love and Peace.

Update: I was right=. Moore’s campaign workers do not know how to use Google, and they keep asking for money! I also find it interesting that Moore quoted Thomas Paine in a recent speech available thru Google. One of Thomas Paine’s most famous quotes is ” I do not believe in the creed professed by the Jewish Church, by the Roman Church, by the Greek Church, by the Turkish Church, by the Protestant Church, nor by any Church that I know. My own mind is my own church”. I live by a Paine creed,¬†“Infidelity does not consist in believing or disbelieving, it consists in professing to believe what one does not believe”.

May the Bacon be with you, Love and Peace.