• Praise Bacon

New Billboards spread Baconism to the American South!

We at the United Church of Bacon hope you are surviving the pandemic and thriving as restrictions ease. It’s been a rough couple of years for us all and we are ready to start getting back out there!

Our first step in getting back out there involves new billboards. Our newest billboards are in Birmingham, Alabama! That’s right, we’re spreading the good news to the deep south. If you’re not in the area but would like to help us out, spread the word of our latest billboards on social media. We want to generate conversation around who we are and what we stand for. Six billboards will be put up in May and June, starting with the first May 2. The initial billboard is located at 24th Street South, 50 feet north of 6th Avenue facing north.

If you are in Birmingham and see our billboard in the wild, send us a picture!