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Bacon-Wedding-SCongratulations on your special day! It’s your wedding and we respect your wish to keep God out of the occasion. We can provide great ideas to help you to craft a ceremony that’s meaningful to you as a couple.

The United Church of Bacon no longer matches and sends out clergy based on location. Instead, we prefer you select someone close and personal to you to perform your wedding. We make it easy for your loved one to become ordained into the church. Just have them fill out an application and follow the steps to ensure they are in line with all local, state and national laws. Plus, they will get a pretty cool certificate they can show off to their friends. Win-Win!

Please Donate

Our officiants are required to not accept gifts or fees! Our officiant services are completely free to you….all we ask is if you have the financial ability, that you make a donation to one of our recommended charities, and tell them we sent you!

Planning Tips

Ask your venue whether they require you to pick an officiant from a list of approved chaplains. If so, we’ll need a month’s notice to place your officiant on their list.

Many Las Vegas wedding chapels and a few legitimate banquet halls will charge you for chaplain service even if you provide your own officiant. We do not receive any payment from such fees and do not recommend these chapels.

If you’re willing to risk bad weather, an outdoor location is a beautiful setting for a wedding. Contact the relevant Parks Department to get a permit for spaces such as Red Rocks and Valley of the Fire.

We support you. It’s your day and we want to help. Just let us know the limitations of your venue and situation and we will work to make it happen!