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Praise Bacon

Are you tired of religious people being seen as morally superior to atheists? Of religions getting special privileges in the law, because they’re perceived as better than secular non-profit organizations?

As a protest, a group of atheist friends had a fantastic idea in 2010. Let’s start a real, legal church with a funny name, and then demand the same rights as mainstream religions:

  • We oppose supernatural claims. We are skeptics and atheists. In our religion, we doubt religion.
  • We fight discrimination. Atheists are not inferior and should not be hated and marginalized.
  • We raise money for charity and are striving to be the most generous church in the world.
  • Our officiants perform legal weddings¬†for member’s friends and family and always for free. How joyful!
  • We expose religious privileges as silly by claiming the same rights for Bacon.
  • Praise Bacon If you prefer to praise Vegetarian Bacon or Turkey Bacon that is fine!

We now have over 20,000 members from around the world and have performed hundreds of weddings. Join us! Raise your voice in protest, and to Praise Bacon!

United Church of Bacon weddings are held at the Nevatican

Join with United Church of Bacon to support Nevada Public Radio

The United Church of Bacon is a major supporter of smart, independent thought and news, both of which can be found on NVPR. We have pledged a commitment of $5,000 to Nevada Public Radio and would love for you to be a part of this community action. All of the info can be found here.

Please view our new Bacon Devotionals HERE.

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